ScottGu Manchester Silverlight Video

Similar to the previous Visual Studio 2010 video of Scott’s session at the Manchester “Guathon” event the other week, here’s the video of the Silverlight session that Scott did to close the day ( he’s still using some of my pictures on his slides as far as I can tell 😉 ).

Copying what I said about the previous videos;

I tried as best I could to maintain the high-def nature of what was shot across the 2 video feeds and the additional audio feed and that caused me a little trouble as I struggled to find somewhere to put the GBs of rendered video once I’d produced it 🙂

Ultimately, I’ll try and get these to Channel 9 but in the meantime, here’s a quick cut of the session. Note that the partitioning of  the session into 2 pieces is pretty brutal in that one video stops and the next one immediately begins.

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – Silverlight Part 1

Scott Guthrie – Manchester UK – Silverlight Part 2

Note – Scott also did a session on ASP.NET MVC (2). I’ll get this video session published soon ( once I fix the broken WMV file that popped out of my “favourite” video editing tool 🙂 ).

Note also that these videos use images from the following places;

Cat Ashton

Craig Shoemaker

so I hope that neither of those folks mind my use of their nice imagery ( credited in the videos ) and I need to thank both;

The View Crew

for shooting the footage and, last but not least, Phil for more-than-helping to put the event together.