Linked In Talk – “Beyond Silverlight with WPF”

If you came along to the talk that I did for the Linked In .NET User Group today via Live Meeting then thanks very much for doing that and I promised you a number of links which I’m listing here.

I showed bunch of different items;

  • “WPF Airlines”
  • Logical Pixels
  • Tiled image brushes
  • Tiled geometry brushes
  • Tiled visual brushes
  • Path based animations
  • 3D Cube with ambient light and spotlights
  • 2D on 3D integration
  • Documents
  • HTML Frame Control
  • Ink and Gestures
  • Code – Ink and Gesture
  • Code – Speech
  • Unified document using various pieces
  • Binding – static binding
  • Binding – ObjectDataProvider to databind enum values
  • Binding – ObjectDataProvider to databind a process list
  • Binding – XmlDataProvider to databind a twitter RSS feed
  • Binding – Multibinding to DateTime.Now
  • Triggers – simple trigger on a rectangle
  • Triggers – simple trigger to control volume on a video
  • Code – Commands in my notepad like example
  • Code – Printing using the “WPF Airlines” application
  • Code – HTML Interop with WebBrowser
  • Code – Windows Forms Interop


all the WPF Demos can be found in this zip file 

for download.


Wherever the XAML files depend on some external item ( like a video or an image ) I’ve tried to put a TODO comment into the XAML

and I might have changed a video to an image here and there just to reduce the size of the download.

If you need Kaxaml to display your XAML then go here;

Kaxaml Home Page

There’s another few posts that I put together around a simple scenario of trying to code for Silverlight and WPF at the same time and that’s contained in these posts here;

but there’s also excellent guidance written up in the PRISM guidance which you can find here;

PRISM on CodePlex

I also used my own WPF Control Browser to show some 3rd party controls and you can find that application on this blog post;

Silverlight & WPF Control Browser

you’ll need WPF 3.5 Service Pack 1 to install that application.

If you want to get hold of the slides for the session then you can find them over on SlideShare here;

Presentations on SlideShare

and there’s now a recording of the session up here;

Linked .NET Users Group “Beyond Silverlight with WPF” Session

and, finally, I made a very rough-and-ready different video of the session. In fact, it’s longer than the session because I had some more things to say at the start of it which I realised later on couldn’t fit into the time available so if you want to take a look at that then follow the link below but don’t be too “harsh” on the video as it received precious little editing and was really put together in a single 90 minute run-through of the talk;

Beyond Silverlight with WPF (Linked In) from Mike Taulty on Vimeo.

Beyond that, if you want to get some examples of who’s using WPF in the real world then check out this post here;

Applications Using WPF

and don’t forget to visit the Windows Client site;

Windows Client.NET

and check out Channel 9 for WPF resources;

Channel 9 WPF Videos