Scott Guthrie, Manchester (UK), 29th September PM

I’m probably already too late in promoting this but we are lucky to have Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President for the .NET Developer Platform coming to do a full afternoon session in Manchester on the 29th September.

You can find the details on the site over here where you can also register – I’d encourage you to do that quickly as it’s likely to sell out fast if it hasn’t done so already.

Thanks goes to Phil for helping me to sort this out as we were up against a deadline and Phil’s help made sure that the event happened in Manchester rather than London – sorry to any London and South East based folks but Scott did do some sessions there a few months ago (recordings are here) so you shouldn’t feel too hard done by. He’s also going to be at the Future Of Web Applications conference in London the same week in September so you can catch him there.

He’s a busy chap, you wonder how he finds time to make all those puddings 😉