Silverlight 3 UK Launch – Interview with Ian Ellison-Taylor

At the recent Silverlight 3 UK launch I got a chance to catch up with Ian Ellison-Taylor who’s Microsoft’s General Manager for Presentation Platform and Tools.

As usual at Microsoft, I had to ask for a translation around what that job title means and, in simple words, Ian owns;

WPF and Silverlight

which makes him a very interesting chap to chat to 🙂

Ian kindly keynoted the launch event for us and even agreed to answering semi-random questions from me around WPF and Silverlight so I captured the chat that we had on video and dropped it out to Channel 9 here;

Silverlight 3 UK Launch- Chat with Ian Ellison-Taylor

Whilst Ian has the scary word “manager” in his job title 😉 it’s very, very obvious from chatting to him that he “knows his stuff” inside and out and can talk at any level about what we’re doing around presentation technologies – seriously impressive stuff.