Silverlight Line of Business Applications in the UK ( Part 1 )

At the recent Silverlight 3 UK launch I got a chance to catch up with a number of companies who are building line of business applications with Silverlight 2 or 3.

In the early days of Silverlight most applications you’d see would relate to graphics/media/audio and would be displaying the richness that you can get with a Silverlight application. Naturally, I’m as much of a sucker for the elegance and productivity of a rich and well designed UI as the next man.

As time goes by, we’re seeing more and more examples of people building business applications with Silverlight taking advantage of the strength of the .NET developer model, the flexibility of the control system, the richness of 3rd party controls, the power of data-binding, the safety of the application’s sandbox and its ability to interact in a secure way with the browser, the local machine and the network over web service interactions.

Whilst at the launch I managed to sit down with a few of the companies that are doing this kind of work and grab a few words from them around how their experience with Silverlight has been including a demo or two of their particular applications. I’ve dropped the videos we made to Channel 9 and you can find them here;

amongst that set you’ll see applications in the education, investment banking and personal-finance sectors and Silverlight being used in a business environment with not a “spinning video” in sight 🙂