Off-Topic: Charity Run Follow Up

Just a quick follow up to all the people who were kind enough to donate in response to my post here in case you were thinking that I’d chickened out of the run and pocketed the donations 🙂

In the end, my run profile looked like this;

although I have to say that I can’t see that Flash content on my machine right now – not sure what’s going on with that page instantiating the Flash plug-in but it seems to be looking for a specific version that I maybe don’t have?

Anyway – I didn’t quite get under 50 minutes like I wanted to but it was close enough 🙂

I managed to raise £615 for the charity and I held back on posting this update whilst I checked to see if Microsoft Ltd would agree to match that donation. They very kindly agreed to do so and that doubles it up to a nice £1300 which I’m very pleased with.

Thanks once again to all who donated and to Microsoft Ltd as well 🙂