Catching up on blog reading…

It was very warm and humid last night in Manchester, UK and so I sat up late catching up on a whole bunch of blog-reading that I haven’t done for a few weeks.

I tend to use my blog-reader ( FeedDemon ) in the same way that I use Outlook. I go through everything, delete anything I’m less interested in and then revisit the other stuff at a later point and I thought I’d spend some time today visiting all those posts I’d flagged as interesting. Whilst doing that, I thought I’d share what they were here – note that some of this stuff is a little old now as I’ve not been reading those blogs as frequently as I used to.

I’m sure I was meant to be doing something else but I found a day mostly made up of reading other people’s posts really useful and enjoyable so I reckon it was a day well spent.


Multi-touch in WPF 4 Beta 1 – this seemed particularly relevant to me based on my recent experiments with multi-touch


10-4 Good Buddy, First Look at WF 4

Learning by Example with 4

Introducing the WF4 Designer

Introduction to WF Designer Rehosting (Part 1)

Introduction to WF Designer Rehosting (Part 2)

A Tour on the WF4 Activity Palette

Debugging in Workflow 4

Migration Guidance for the WF Developer

Introduction to Workflow Tracking in .NET Framework 4.0 Beta1

Sequential and Flowchart modeling styles

Mapping WF3 Activities to WF4

Getting started with Windows Workflow Foundation 4

The new Windows Workflow Foundation 4 runtime

Parallel Programming ( lots and lots of goodness in here )

The Nature of TaskCompletionSource

Mechanisms for Creating Tasks

.NET 4 Cancellation Framework

Cancellation in Parallel Extensions

Tasks and the APM Pattern

Tasks and the Event-based Asynchronous Pattern

Tasks and Unhandled Exceptions

Don’t Dispose of Objects You Don’t Own

Partitioning in PLINQ

How PLINQ Processes an IEnumerable on Multiple Cores

Achieving Speedups with Small Parallel Loop Bodies

Parallel Loops over Non Integral Types

CLR 4 – Inside the ThreadPool

Daniel's Updated Parallel Slides for Beta 1

Error Handling in Concurrent Code


Service Configuration Improvements in .NET 4

Dude, Where's my WCF Content? – I really like the redesign of this developer centre around simplification – seems like a step forward to me. BTW go here for the training kit for WCF/WF 4.

Entity Framework

Updated Entity Framework Documentation for Beta1

POCO in the Entity Framework- Part 1 – The Experience

POCO in the Entity Framework – Part 2 – Complex Types, Deferred Loading and Explicit Loading

POCO in the Entity Framework – Part 3 – Change Tracking with POCO

Using Repository and Unit of Work patterns with Entity Framework 4.0

Announcing- Entity Framework Feature CTP 1

Feature CTP Walkthrough- Self Tracking Entities for Entity Framework

Feature CTP Walkthrough- POCO Templates for Entity Framework

Feature CTP Walkthrough- Code Only for Entity Framework


Debugging .NET Dumps in Visual Studio 2010

Security Policy in the V4 CLR

Sandboxing in .NET 4

Security Policy in .NET 4 – Implicit Uses of CAS Policy ( and part 2 )