There’s a bunch of things that I feel I need to know a whole lot more about so I thought I’d write it down.

This is my current list of technologies that are buzzing around in my head, nagging me to spend time on them.

  • Azure Services Platform – Microsoft .NET Services
  • Azure Services Platform – Windows Azure
  • .NET Framework V4.0, Specifically
    • Windows Workflow Foundation V4.0
    • Windows Communication Foundation V4.0
    • Windows Presentation Foundation V4.0 and the new Client Profile
    • XAML in .NET Framework V4.0
    • Revisit Parallel Extensions in V4.0 as that’s changed since I last looked at it.
    • Entity Framework in V4.0
    • Office Development in VS 2010
    • Managed Extensibility Framework in V4.0
    • Some of the core enhancements such as;
      • Security changes
      • GC changes
      • Side-by-side hosting changes
      • etc.
  • ADO.NET Data Services V1.5 CTP
  • .NET RIA Services Framework
  • WCF REST Starter Kit
  • Dublin
  • Geneva Server
  • A major refresh of what the P&P Group has these days – especially around Prism.
  • T4 Templating

I daresay I’ll come up with more as I think about it so I’ll maintain the the list but it’s already a bit on the long side 🙂