Silverlight 3 Session at NxtGen Fest 09, Microsoft Research Cambridge

I was at the NxtGen Fest 09 event in Cambrdige today talking about Silverlight 3. A truly fantastic day with a cracking start from Professor Chris Bishop of Royal Institute Christmas lectures fame;


who was talking about 3rd generation artificial intelligence technologies. There were other great sessions from Dinis Cruz, Chris Hay amongst others.

By contrast to Chris’ talk, my talk was the fairly mundane topic of;


I had an interesting problem with a demo where a Silverlight client was calling a web service and I was serving up that service from Cassini and the project had been left to use dynamic ports ( by mistake ) and the port changed during the demo and the client couldn’t find the server. Truly foxed me but I took the British route of;

and tried to fix it with the debugger before giving up and moving on so hopefully ( if you came along ) your enjoyment was improved by seeing me wrestling with Visual Studio rather than reduced by it 🙂

The slides from the talk are here for download and all the demos from the talk ( watch out for the first one which might have a dynamic port problem!) are included in the zip file here.