DevDays Holland – Follow Up, Slides, Demos

I’m just back from DevDays where I had a really great time and delivered a 2-part session on;

What’s Coming in Silverlight 3

and another single session on;

Beyond Silverlight with WPF

if you came along to my sessions then thanks very much for doing that and I hope that you enjoyed them and the conference generally – I’ve been twice now and I think it’s one of the best that I’ve been to and so thanks to the organisers for inviting me back there this year and putting on such a great show.

The slides for the talks can be found here  – there weren’t many slides for the Silverlight talks and a few of the slides were borrowed from Scott Guthrie’s talk at MIX09 where he talked about Silverlight Momentum.

In terms of code/demos. My Silverlight talks were really ones where I built up pretty small examples as we went along. What I think I showed was as below ( please remember that these demos were meant to be simple rather than the best example of what the technology can do 🙂 );

Graphics and Media

  • Perspective transforms
  • Effects
  • Easing animations
  • GPU acceleration on video
  • GPU acceleration on a piece of UI with bitmap caching
  • Writeable bitmap

Expression Blend 3


  • Network status
  • Binary message encoding with WCF
  • Out of browser application
  • Merged resource dictionaries
  • Element binding
  • Dynamic styling
  • Cached Extensions
  • Save File Dialog
  • Local Connection
  • Validation
  • Data Form and Data Grid
  • Navigation Applications

all the Silverlight bits can be found in this zip file.

then for my WPF talk I used Kaxaml and showed a bunch of XAML based snippets;

  • “WPF Airlines”
  • Logical Pixels
  • Tiled image brushes
  • Tiled geometry brushes
  • Tiled visual brushes
  • Path based animations
  • 3D Cube with ambient light and spotlights
  • 2D on 3D integration
  • Documents
  • HTML Frame Control
  • Ink and Gestures
  • Code – Ink and Gesture
  • Code – Speech
  • Unified document using various pieces
  • Binding – static binding
  • Binding – ObjectDataProvider to databind enum values
  • Binding – ObjectDataProvider to databind a process list
  • Binding – XmlDataProvider to databind a twitter RSS feed
  • Binding – Multibinding to DateTime.Now
  • Triggers – simple trigger on a rectangle
  • Triggers – simple trigger to control volume on a video
  • Code – Commands in my notepad like example
  • Code – Printing using the “WPF Airlines” application
  • Code – HTML Interop with WebBrowser
  • Code – Windows Forms Interop

All the WPF Demos can be found in this zip file.


Wherever the XAML files depend on some external item ( like a video or an image ) I’ve tried to put a TODO comment into the XAML

and I might have changed a video to an image here and there just to reduce the size of the download.