Videos from DevWeek: Catching up with Aaron Skonnard

I was lucky enough to have a chance to chat with Aaron Skonnard at DevWeek last month and I captured a few videos which I thought I’d share here.

Aaron (as you probably know) is a co-founder of the Pluralsight company and is a great trainer and technical presenter and was keynoting DevWeek with a talk about Cloud Computing so I manage to snag him and ask him a few questions about “the Cloud”.

I’ve broken this down into a couple of sections, the first one here mostly being about timelines as we head towards Cloud;

and then the second one here being more about how developers can prepare for Cloud computing;

and then this last one here was really more of a “fun” question where I asked Aaron what he was currently playing with. I always find this an interesting question as I think all developers are always secretly toying with some bit of technology even if it means staying up late 🙂

Here’s Aaron’s answer;