Slides for Today’s Silverlight 2 Talk

If you came along to my talk today on Silverlight 2 then the slides are here for download as well as in the usual places.

You might notice that there a few more slides in the presentation than I actually used – time is always limited as to what you can/can’t fit into these things and I ended up with more pictures than I originally sketched out here.

In the talk I link to a few Silverlight 2 applications for you to try out ( because I’m running without an internet connection ) and those links are here;

Hard Rock Memorabilia Site

AOL RIA Mail Site

Smooth HD Site

Renault Megane Site

PlayBoy Archive Site ( avoid if you’re likely to be offended by the content )

I also used my own Control Browser application that you can get from this blog post;

Silverlight & WPF Control Browser

but be aware that this is a WPF application rather than a Silverlight application.

I also ran a variant of this application;

A quick look at Silverlight 3- MIX 08 WPF Demo Copy in Silverlight 3

to show a few Silverlight 3 features in quick succession.