MSDN Rich Client Event – Edinburgh

Thanks to all the people who came to along to our Rich Client event in the Microsoft Edinburgh office today. If you’re looking for resources then you probably want to check out;

this post here

which will point you to other posts that have the demos and slides and so on.

Apologies to people about the slightly dodgy state of my hardware today. My laptop seems to be genuinely dying – I’ve never really had any trouble with this machine until I arrived in Edinburgh today. It ran a little like this;

  1. Worked a little on the machine this morning. It was fine.
  2. Undocked it from its docking station (in the politest possible way)
  3. Took it to Edinburgh
  4. Resumed it.
  5. Had it blue-screen.
  6. Rebooted.
  7. Blue-screen.
  8. Rebooted to safe mode.
  9. Blue-screen.
  10. Found a helpful chap in the Microsoft office who leant me a Vista DVD.
  11. Rebooted off the DVD.
  12. Asked it to fix my startup problem.
  13. Rebooted.
  14. Blue-screen.
  15. Asked the Vista DVD to help me again.
  16. Rebooted.
  17. Worked ( possibly after Mike fiddled with some of my BIOS settings 🙂 ).
  18. Set up all my demos and slides.
  19. Had the machine completely hang.
  20. Rebooted.
  21. Back to a working machine for the rest of the session.
  22. Got to the airport.
  23. Typed this blog post.
  24. Machine completely hung again.
  25. Rebooted.

It feels like either;

  1. My installation has got corrupted in some way
  2. I’ve got a hardware problem

Anyway, I hope it didn’t ruin the session too much for you as we tried to cobble it together with the hardware – I think it may be time to wipe this laptop clean, install it up again and then see whether it’s the hardware that’s causing me trouble or not.