Powershell and the Live Framework SDK?

I have this little command line app that I’ve been using to navigate my developer Mesh with the Live Framework SDK.

It started out as very basic but then today I realised that I should really extend it so that you can use it something like;

cd cloud

list objects

cd meshObject1

list objects

and so on. I was about to set about doing this when I realised that this is essentially already part of Powershell and a much smarter move would be for me to write a plug-in provider for Powershell that exposed the local/cloud Live Operating Environment as something that can be navigated from the shell.

Now…I didn’t actually set about it yet ( mostly because I realised that I’d have to download the entire Windows SDK to get going – can that be right? 🙂 )

If anyone goes ahead and builds it then let me know and I’ll link to it here, otherwise I’ll try and build it myself when “spare time” comes around.