MSDN Event – Catching up with Rich Clients

I did an event down in London with MikeO today called something along the lines of “Catching up with Rich Clients”. This is us in the “packed and warm” Microsoft, London office;


The essential idea of it was to provide an overview of what’s been going on with WPF and Silverlight over the last couple of years for people who perhaps haven’t been following it too closely.

It was good fun and it was a packed out event ( nice to see because we’re not doing many in-person events under the MSDN banner these days ) although we did run slightly awry with the timing and ate up another 10 mins of time over and above our allotted 3 hours.

In terms of the slides, they’re published up here for download or viewing;

and they’ll show up on the MSDN Events site in a few days

In terms of the demos, I did a bunch of stuff and I’m not sure how useful it is in isolation but I thought I’d try and share it nonetheless.

In the first section, I did some basic demos around;

  • XAML
  • Data Binding   
  • Controls

You can find the projects for those demos here;

In the second section, I did some demos around;