Slides from .NET DevNet Talk on Parallel Extensions

I’ve published the slides from my .NET Dev Net talk this evening on the Parallel Extensions to .NET. They’re here;

The slides aren’t too bad – to be honest, the talk wasn’t my best ever as I broke one of my own golden rules in that I hadn’t got accurate timings for all the pieces of the talk which meant that the timings were off so apologies that it could have been better – I’ll improve 🙂

I also spent too long on a preamble and perhaps a little too long on Task meaning that PLINQ and the Coordination Data Structures got squashed – I’ll address that in the future.

I used to do a lot of these kinds of developer sessions but, of late, that activity has dropped quite a lot and so I’m getting a little rusty!

If you’re down in the South West of the country then you might also want to think about the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper day that’s happening on the 23rd May;