Stuck on Community Server 2.0

Update: Thanks to all the people who mailed me about this and thanks to Telligent who gave me the right bits to do the upgrade. I’m no longer stuck on Community Server 2.0 and have moved to 2.1 – might even be brave and move to a newer version by next year.

On the off-chance that anyone reading this post might happen to know.

This site runs on Community Server 2.0 which turns out to be very old 🙂

I’d like to get to something more modern like Community Server 2008 or maybe Graffiti but it seems that I need to first get to Community Server 2.1.

Does anyone reading know how to do that upgrade? I’ve asked here;

because there doesn’t seem to be a upgrade package that goes 2.0 -> 2.1 which would let me leave 2.0 behind and move on to more modern versions.

Drop me a mail ( if you know how to go about it, I’d be much obliged.