Various Links

I’ve been catching up on my blog reading…interesting stuff I came across;

  1. PNRP in Windows 7 being used for “remote assistance”. Sounds very cool. You can find a few PNRP examples on this blog if you search.
  2. Seadragon in AJAX from Live Labs – if you’ve seen DeepZoom in Silverlight then this is the same underlying technology (AFAIK) without the Silverlight part.
  3. Themes for WPF released on CodePlex ( a port of the Silverlight versions from the Silverlight Toolkit ). There’s also a port of the charts up here.
  4. If you’ve not seen it yet, the WPF Toolkit  got rev’d with the toolkit now containing the DataGrid, Calendar and DatePicker and the Ribbon preview being available off the same page. I thought I’d written a post about this but I’ve just realised it didn’t get past the preview stage 🙂
  5. ScottGu’s update on Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 – some of that stuff “surprised” me in terms of what’s being revealed here!
  6. VS2010 code editor is being drawn with vectors and WPF – Kenny spots it and enjoy vectors 🙂
  7. Celso Gomes styles a Silverlight Twitter application.
  8. Tricky talks through “the Design Experience” at the UK Silverlight User Group – this is a cool session.
  9. Gareth starts to talk about DSL features in VS 2010
  10. Tim Anderson asks an interesting question about making parallel programming “easier”
  11. The BCL team talks about Code Contracts in .NET Framework 4.0