Session at the VBUG Conference

I did a session on “Beyond Silverlight with WPF” down at the VBUG conference at Microsoft today.

I still have “the PDC cough” and was feeling pretty terrible and so the session didn’t go quite as I’d wanted it to in that I got distracted and let the time wander which is something I generally don’t do. I blame the cough/cold but maybe I’m just getting old 🙂 I also wonder about the strength of;

as I took one of those things last night and didn’t wake up feeling too “alert” this morning.

Anyway, if you want a recording of that session then I’d recommend viewing the version from MIX where I think I did a bit of a better job – apologies to the VBUG folks if I wasn’t on the best of form.

Session recording is here

Various code artifacts from the session are here