What is Silverlight?

A lot of my discussions at FOWA 08 were along the lines of “What is Silverlight?” and I realised that I don’t really have a great resource to point someone at if they’re looking for a basic overview and aren’t already immersed in a world of .NET development.

I felt like I needed a “rolling slide-deck” with some pictures on a big monitor that people could casually glance at so that they get a flavour of what Silverlight is all about and then could say “Hey, when it says databinding, what does it mean?”.

I thought I’d create one with 20 pictures to try and explain what Silverlight is all about and what I think are the real strengths of the platform.

You can download it here in PPT format or here in PPTX format and you can re-use it anywhere you like if it’s useful to you.

I also uploaded it to SlideShare up here so there’s no need to download although it doesn’t seem to quite render properly.