Mike goes to FOWA (Part 2)

Following up on this post.

FOWA didn’t quite go as I expected – I didn’t really get to a lot of sessions as I spent quite a lot of time chatting to people on the Microsoft stand around Silverlight, Expression and Windows Presentation Foundation.

If you stopped by the stand then thanks a lot for coming and I hope you managed to win something, got your questions answered and got to play with the Surface and the XBoxes.

I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of the FOWA attendees are not working on the Microsoft platform day in day out 🙂 and so my expectation was that I’d get a lot of “Yuk, Microsoft” or maybe “What are you doing here?” but it wasn’t like that at all.

What I found was that there were a lot of folks who wanted to have a good discussion around what we were doing ( especially with Silverlight ) and I found that I had a bunch of really long conversations with everyone who I chatted to on the stand – an amazing amount of interest/curiosity in what we’re doing.

So, thanks to everyone who came along – there’s a post-event web page up here where you can find resources for follow up.