WPF and Virtual Earth, Part 3

Following up from this post, I’d been playing around a little with using my Virtual Earth control and I realised that it wasn’t really working 🙂

The main problem was that I was tending to call VEMap.Find() more than once at the same time and I’d read the docs and hadn’t fully understood that when they were saying “Don’t call this function in a re-entrant manner” they really meant it and calling it more than once meant that the calls didn’t work.

So, I modified a few things, deleted a bunch of code and tried to make sure that it only calls into the underlying Java script for the VEMap control with a single call at a time rather than trying to be re-entrant.

I also added a little bit of handling around what to do when the network isn’t present and/or disappears/reappears during the lifetime of the control.

I’ve uploaded the project again here for download if you want the source.