Shuttle D10 with Touch-Screen

Hmm, speaking of Shuttle caused me to go looking at what they’re currently selling.

This looks really interesting to me. If you go with a “living room” Media Center then one of the odd things about it is the idea that you need to switch on your TV in order to listen to some music. You switch on the Media Center, switch on the TV, choose an album and then probably switch off the TV as that seems a bit wasteful.

Having the touch-screen on there seems like a nice idea. I know there are various other cases that do this but this one looks pretty nice and I’m quite keen on Shuttles.

The downside looks to be that there’s only one card-slot in there. A single PCI-E card slot to take a TV tuner which is fine as long as you never want to replace the integrated graphics ( e.g. to get an HDMI output or perhaps to take on Blu-Ray at some point ) although you could perhaps drop to an external USB tuner to free up a slot.