Silverlight – Drawing Outside the Control Region

Another question from chatting at REMIX UK;

Can Silverlight draw outside the region of its control?

I think the answer is a “no” here but I suspect that you can achieve the effect that you want by either using one Silverlight control in a transparent manner or perhaps using more than one Silverlight control.

As an example, I might try and lay out my page so that I have;


or something along those lines – that is, I can have a relatively large Silverlight control on top of my HTML content and I can have that Silverlight control only display a small section of its content until some kind of action is taken (e.g. like moving the mouse into the control).

I did something a little like this here;


which displays a small amount of Silverlight content at the top of some HTML until you slide the “Height” slider which reveals that the Silverlight content ( with the favourite “bear video” here streamed from Silverlight Streaming ) can seem to expand over the HTML because the control was originally sized that way.

I put the project file here for download if anyone wants it as a starting point for something else.