Windows Presentation Foundation, Event Samples

I did a talk down at the Microsoft offices in Reading today which was called something like “Beyond Silverlight with WPF Clients”. One of the attendees asked me to share my demos and so here is my attempt to do that here. I hadn’t originally intended to do this so some of these things are perhaps not as re-usable as they could be.

By looking at my list of shortcuts, here are the demos that I showed. Note that XAML files will be .XML files here because my web server won’t serve up .XAML files if I remember correctly. Also, where I might have actually typed a bit of XAML into some of these examples to “complete them” I’ve already completed them here so there’s nothing to add.

  1. 3D Spinning Cube
  2. Documents with UI embedded
  3. HTML Embedded in WPF content
  4. Speech
  5. Visual Brush
  6. Bitmap Effects
  7. Pixel Shader Demo ( this is not mine, it came from MIX 08 – trying to find a public internet link to it )
  8. Windows Forms/WPF Interoperability. I built this up by just doing “File->New->Project” in Visual Studio but Daniel covers it off nicely here.
  9. 2D on 3D. I also showed David Teitlebaum’s code which you can get from here.
  10. DataGrid demo – I built this one up on the fly too. Really was a “Hello World” around the DataGrid.
  11. .NET Client Profile. This involved a Virtual PC image 🙂 However, I did make a video of the whole thing up here.
  12. “WPF Airlines”.
  13. Component demonstrations…
    1. Infragistics
    2. ComponentOne
    3. ActiPro

Enjoy. I’ll see if I can hunt down the other bits and will update the links if I can.