PDC 2008

It looks like ( fingers crossed ) I will be able to attend PDC in Los Angeles at the end of October 🙂

I’m hoping to be at the pre-con on the Sunday that’s focused on concurrent programming and then to be around for the week until the conference ends on Thursday.

I’ve spoken to a few UK developers in the last couple of weeks who have said that they’re going out to PDC and that it’d be good to be able to meet up with other UK folks whilst they’re there.

I guess one of those fancy, modern social network type web sites might be more than a bit useful for co-ordinating that?

Has anyone already set something up for UK people at the PDC? I did a quick search but didn’t come across anything obvious. I found a facebook site but there’s not much about geography on that as far as I can see.

In the meantime, I set up a blog post here as a starting point.