Duplex WCF Services with Silverlight 2

Hmm. Maybe I’m just suffering a post-holiday motivational low ( which I am, in a big way 🙂 ) but I’ve been reading this;

Accessing Duplex Services

and I’m struggling to see how the “reward” here is justifying the “effort”.

With Silverlight, it’s pretty easy for me to call a request-response service on a polled interval. I just;

  1. Write the service exactly as usual.
  2. Configure it exactly as usual.
  3. Generate a proxy exactly as usual.
  4. Call it exactly as usual.
  5. Use a client-side timer to call it again after some interval.

This is really pretty easy stuff and results in a lot less code than the “polling binding” so I’m struggling to see why I’d bother with it. It seems to be;

  1. More code
  2. More complexity
  3. Same (or very similar) functionality

So why would I do it? Anyone? Anyone? 🙂