Don’t Steal My Focus

I’ve been encoding videos today with Expression Encoder 2.

I load up a batch of videos and set them transcoding. This takes ages and burns CPU cycles like nobody’s business – at times like this you wish the age of quad-core, eight-core and so on was already mainstream.

I get quad-core effects by using the 2 cores on my laptop and the 2 cores on my desktop 🙂

Anyway, I’d left it running for maybe 8-10 hours and it was nearly done on all the videos when Outlook popped up its reminders window and I tried to dismiss it by hitting ESC.

Unfortunately, the ESC went to the wrong window. It went to the Expression Encoder 2 window which promptly cancelled the job and, even worse, deleted all the files that it had transcoded as part of that job so far.

Bad marks all around;

  1. Bad marks to that Outlook reminders window for being so “needy”.
  2. Bad marks to Windows for letting that Outlook reminders window annoy me.
  3. Very bad marks to Expression Encoder for assuming that pressing ESC on their UI means;
    1. Stop the current encoding job
    2. Delete all the outputs produced so far by the current encoding job


I’ve tried to modify my ForegroundLockTimeout in my register to stop windows stealing focus – not 100% sure if this still has an effect on Vista though.