Give me back my CPU(s)

Too many times I’m seeing this in my system tray;


What is that? It’s Process Explorer ( I run that instead of Task Manager ) saying that my CPU is pegged ( again ).

The primary culprits are;

  1. My Anti-Virus software. This has never detected a virus for me yet and so, generally, I run the risk and I stop the service and get my CPU back.
  2. The search indexer ( on Vista ). Generally, I fix this by restarting the service.

I wonder how many users throw up their arms and think that either;

  1. The OS is broken.
  2. The PC is broken.

I hope that future versions of Windows do something about run-away processes. It’s a tricky problem to solve but when I wrote here about what I was hoping for Vista, this was one of my top “hopes” and I don’t think that we’ve really got there just yet.