The "To Do" List

I watched the TechEd (US Developers) Keynote just yesterday.

Tech·Ed NA Developers Keynote delivered by Bill Gates

and you can see more on the TechEd Online site including a changing set of videos at the bottom of the page such as these ones which popped up when I visited the site;



Which kind of freaked me out as I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by my own ugly mug when hunting down resources from TechEd US ( that video is from TechEd Europe, you wouldn’t believe how hard it is for someone like me to get to a conference like TechEd US ).

During the keynote I started to get a little bit panicky.

There’s a lot of new stuff coming on top of all the new stuff that’s already coming 🙂

I get a bit edgy when I know there’s lots of new things around that I should probably know about but don’t yet know about.

Some of the things mentioned were a little less new than others but still pretty exciting.

There was mention of Silverlight 2 Beta 2 of course and also some talk about the improvements to WPF in .NET Framework V3.5 Service Pack 1 but I feel I’ve got those relatively well covered even if it’s extremely unlikely that I’m going to start writing pixel-shaders any time soon 🙂

There was mention of ADO.NET Entity Framework and Data Services again in .NET Framework V3.5 Service Pack 1 but I feel that I’m on relatively safe ground with those.

There was talk about SQL Server 2008 – specifically spatial data, date time enhancements and filestream. I’m not too bad on some of that stuff as I made some videos around it and spent some time on it.

But then there’s SQL Server Data Services which I haven’t really looked at to date.

But then there was also some talk of things “yet to come” 🙂 such as;

  1. Oslo“. I heard mention of modelling tools, modelling languages, modelling repositories.
  2. Parallel Extensions“. We already have some bits out there on the web and they’ve now been refreshed with a June CTP. I’m feeling that this may be time for me to “jump in”.
  3. Velocity“. Something that just popped up yesterday on the new Velocity Blog. A distributed caching solution for .NET.
  4. Then there’s whatever’s going on over at Windows Live.
  5. Then there’s synchronisation and whatever’s going on with the Sync Framework.
  6. Then there’s the Managed Extension Framework.

I’ve a feeling there’s an awful lot of reading, experimenting, coding needed to try and get a grip on all these different bits.

Maybe I need to focus! 🙂