Apple Word Wide Developer Conference Video

This is a little bit old but over the weekend I caught up with the Keynote talk by Steve Jobs for this years’ Apple World Wide Developer Conference – the video can currently be found here and you’ll be needing QuickTime to view it. Interesting to see SteveJ doing his own demos on stage – you really get the feel that he sits in front of this stuff all the time (as he should :-)) and the passion for it comes across. It’s great when he’s demoing search capabilities in the forthcoming Tiger OS and keeps saying “BOOM!” whenever his search produces the results he’s expecting. I also liked the 30″ cinema display 🙂 and it was interesting to see some of the stuff that Apple is doing around H.264, CoreImage, CoreVideo and the “.mac” synchronisation capability. The iChat demo is pretty cool stuff – well worth taking a look at the last part of the video for that if nothing else.