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  • ASMX V2.0 Features

    Yasser Shohoud's blog around an MSDN article that has a proper write up of the new features in ASMX for Visual Studio 2005. The link is here http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnvs05/html/wsnetfx2.asp
  • WS-SecureConversation in WSE2

    The other day I set up a very simple demo for a customer (and they know who they are as I think they read this) around having an ASP.NET web site and an ASP.NET web service where communication with the web service is done via WS-SecureConversation with WSE2...
  • Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center

    Along with the Visual Studio 2005 public beta, the launch coincides with some new services at MSDN. The Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center has a bunch of great new features. Firstly, it allows you to register via Passport and set up a profile as to who you...
  • Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 announced at TechEd

    There's almost too much info to blog here :-) The first public beta of Visual Studio.NET 2005 was announced at TechEd Europe today. You can go and download the bits in the next week or two from MSDN subscriber downloads if you're an MSDN subscriber. There's...
  • David on Slashdot

    I noticed that David got "Slashdotted" today for this entry - the article is here I hope that his blog can cope with all the extra hits it's going to get :-)
  • C++ for .NET and Native in VS.NET Whidbey

    I've just been catching up with a session that Herb Sutter gave at TechEd around C++ in the Whidbey release of the .NET framework and Visual Studio.NET. If you're not aware of Herb Sutter he's a very deep C++ guy and he's written a whole bunch of great books...
  • Ian Griffiths on Longhorn Composition

    A bit of an old article but I only just came across it http://www.ondotnet.com/pub/a/dotnet/2004/03/08/winfs_detail_3.html
  • Hosting WSE2.0 Soap Receivers

    If you're doing ASMX web services with or without WSE2.0 then you've got a nice host process (aspnet_wp.exe or w3wp.exe) to host your application for you. So, if someone comes along and tries to get to http://someserver.com/someservice.asmx then IIS and ASP...
  • A word for Active Desktop :-)

    So, a technology that I really didn't like for the longest time was Active Desktop where you could set the Windows desktop to display the contents of a web page. Just recently though I've been forced to reconsider - maybe it's the availability of broadband...
  • System.Reflection in Whidbey

    Posting a link to an interesting post I saw on Joel's site here http://blogs.msdn.com/joelpob/archive/2004/06/22/163206.aspx about what's coming in System.Reflection in Whidbey. This led me to one of his other related posts on these topics which is here http...
  • Security Bulletins on RSS

    Just noticed that security bulletins are being posted out on an RSS feed. Subscribe! Subscribe! http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/secrssinfo.mspx
  • SharpReader

    So, I'm back to using SharpReader for my blogging client. I persevered with my own Outlook plug-in for a while but, to be honest, it wasn't as good and I wasn't putting any effort in to make it better so I've given up. However! What I miss is having a single...
  • David Hill's Smart Client discussion

    I was looking for a really nice, clear, ideally "Microsoft provided" definition of what we mean by a Smart Client that included some information on the path from Windows Forms through to Longhorn. I'd spend a while wandering around on the MSDN site http://msdn...
  • Running SOAP messages through SQL Server with WSE 2.0

    So, this posting is really just for fun. I wanted to have a play at writing an additional transport for the WSE 2.0 and I struggled to think of a good transport that was missing that wasn't going to be too hard for me to write :-) Some things that came to mind...
  • All we are saying.....

    Clemens http://staff.newtelligence.net/clemensv/PermaLink.aspx?guid=3a029ead-58f2-405a-a5d1-6cc3513a59fa has a nice mnemonic for remembering those SOA tenets that everyone's repeating around here at the moment.