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  • Clemens' thoughts on asmx/wse/indigo, message bodies and headers

    Found this article by Clemens Vasters interesting on the differences between the various programming models for SOAP messages with respect to when and how they make the message headers and body available.
  • Nero 6

    I managed to get an upgrade pack for Nero 6 from Ahead's web site. It hasn't fixed my problem with the product though. Waiting on their support now to see if they know why it hangs when I drag a lot of files to it. I've a feeling it might be related to file...
  • BizTalk & Correlation again

    Someone asked me about Correlation sets in BizTalk 2004 again today and I went back to my previous posting to notice that my import of my previous postings has left them in a bit of a mess - formatting is horrible on anything before January. I'll have to fix...
  • Xen

    This paper looks pretty cool http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~gmb/Papers/vanilla-xml2003.html - haven't had a chance to read it properly yet but it seems to be an attempt to build the hierarchical, tabular and procedural worlds together into a language rather than...
  • Inspiron 5150

    Got a new laptop from Dell. It's an inspiron with a mobile P4 running at 3.06GHz (HT) and 2GB of RAM, FSB at 533MHz (I think). Performance is more than comparable with my desktop PC at home. I'm finding that VPC performance (which is getting more and more important...
  • Nero 6

    Got a copy of Nero 6 last night and started trying to burn some DVDs with it. To be honest, whilst the UI is very pretty I'm having trouble with it. I've got a ~2GB folder full of powerpoints I wanted to drag onto a DVD-R but dragging it with Nero's UI always...
  • IBM DB2 and .NET

    This is more than likely old news by now but I'd missed the fact that IBM is putting CLR functionality into DB2 and providing more VS.NET integration for that product. Details are here http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/db2/library/techarticle/0311alazzawe...
  • .Text

    Finally got around to updating my blog and moving it over to .Text. All in all it was pretty simple in that I'm hosting it up at WebHost4Life which offers ASP.NET and SQL Server (you don't need SQL necessarily for .Text as far as I know). The slightly more...
  • Newsgator test post

    Test posting from Newsgator in Outlook. If this works then Newsgator is looking very nice indeed in that it lets me stay in the single Outlook shell and work with all the stuff that's coming and going in terms of mail, nntp and rss.
  • Test

    This is a test post - if it shows up them I'm happy.
  • Gadget Heaven

    CES Innovation winners - the Phillips wearable camera and the PlugLan look particularly cool.
  • Dual Monitors and Virtual PC

    I have 2 monitors on my desktop which will do 1280x1024 in terms of resolution and I'm doing quite a lot of work with Virtual PC. Now, in an ideal world I could full-screen one Virtual PC window on each of these monitors and I'd be able to work with 2 PCs at...
  • Itanium x86-64 Spoiler

    Interesting 'story of a story' over on The Register around the possibility of Intel putting out a 64-bit x86 chip and joining AMD rather than pushing Itanium for ever. Also interesting were the sales figures showing Opteron doing maybe 10,000 boxes a quarter...
  • SATA Performance

    I came across this interesting paper up at MSR this morning around building 'storage bricks' to potentially replace a SAN solution for hosting Terraserver. Very interesting read - I was playing with the perf of my own SATA Western Digital disks over the weekend...
  • Gadgets

    I've been reading gadget magazines flying backwards and forwards on planes recently and I picked up quite a few interesting little bits and pieces - maybe I'm starting to get into the Xmas spirit and I'm thinking of a wish list. Firstly I spotted this in T3...