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  • All we are saying.....

    Clemens http://staff.newtelligence.net/clemensv/PermaLink.aspx?guid=3a029ead-58f2-405a-a5d1-6cc3513a59fa has a nice mnemonic for remembering those SOA tenets that everyone's repeating around here at the moment.
  • Yasser Shohoud's TechEd Talk on Whidbey, Web Services & Networking

    Yasser Shohoud has a blog posting here http://weblogs.asp.net/yassers/archive/2004/06/03/147805.aspx which gives you a link across to the slide deck and demos that he delivered at TechEd around ASMX features in Whidbey and some other networking bits and pieces...
  • Code Generation

    I happened upon a new application generation tool today over here http://www.care-t.com/index.html under the name of OlivaNova. It sounds quite interesting and I like the separation of a set of modelling tools from a generation engine that takes models and...
  • Playing with EndpointReferences, WS-Addressing in WSE 2.0

    There's a class named EndpointReference in the WSE2.0 framework. This class is used when you want to register a listener for SOAP messages and it's also used for addressing SOAP envelopes. On first glance it looks like an EndpointReference has a one to one...
  • WSE2.0 Circle Demo

    I've been using a very simple demo around WSE2.0 to demonstrate just a few features on non-HTTP transport, WS-Policy and WS-Security and I thought that I'd share it here. What does the demo provide? A Windows Forms application (project name: CirclesClient)...
  • Updated WSE2.0 Tracing Utility

    After extensive feedback (well, 2 posts anyway!) I updated the tracing utility that I posted here; http://mtaulty.com/downloads/WSE2_Tracing_V1.zip in order to include a toolbar and to allow the font sizes to be resized. It's still a bit clunky in that I didn...
  • Addendum on the WSE Tracing Post

    There's a piece missing off my previous post. I copied and pasted and lost it - I need to get a decent blogging tool or HTML editor because, at the moment, I'm using the one that I wrote and it's getting messy :-) Anyway, here's the extra piece on my tracing...
  • WSE 2.0 Tracing Utility

    With the release of the Web Services Enhancements 2.0 (go here http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices/building/wse for a download) I thought I’d publish my efforts at providing a secondary tracing utility. WSE 2.0 has tracing facilities that can be switched...
  • Some New bits in System.Threading in the Whidbey Community Preview

    I’ve been looking around the System.Threading namespace in the Whidbey Community Preview to see if I can spot some new things that have been added there. Threading is always something that I’m interested in as it underpins so many other bits and...
  • WSE2.0 Released

    I've had a lot of people waiting for the release of WSE2.0. I haven't seen an official link to this news yet but Aaron Skonnard's blog has a mention that WSE2.0 was released at TechEd today. Here's the link http://skonnard.com/archive/2004/05/24/359.aspx
  • PINVOKE.NET Add-In for Visual Studio.NET

    Adam Nathan's created an add-in for VS.NET that will let you generate PInvoke signatures without having to figure out what the parameters need to look like. You need network connectivity in order for it to work because it's pulling down the signatures from...
  • Hosting ASMX in Whidbey without IIS

    As I wrote about a couple of days ago, I've been playing with the Whidbey Community Preview with a view to getting ASMX web services hosted without relying on IIS. So, a Console or a Windows application using the HttpListener class and the ASP.NET runtime in...
  • BizTalk 2004 Whitepapers

    A new set of white papers have gone up on the GotDotNet site -check out the list here http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/wsservers/ but it includes a new performance white paper and a secure deployment white paper.
  • TechEd Prep WebCasts

    Whether you're going to this year's TechEd or not there's a great list of web-casts collected here http://www.msteched.com/content/webcasts.aspx that are intended to help you prep for the conference. Happy viewing.
  • ASMX/Whidbey talk at TechEd

    Just spotted this link http://weblogs.asp.net/mattavis/archive/2004/05/20/136177.aspx which should make my recent musings redundant :-)