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  • Kinect for Windows V2 SDK: Jumping In…

    I’m not a big video gamer. Of course, I’ve played one or two (hundred? thousand?) video games all the way back to the 1970s and I had the original PlayStation and then the Xbox and the Xbox 360 but, for me, video gaming is something I might do on a rainy day and I haven’t played a console game in maybe 9 months and I’ll quietly admit that I haven’t
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Thu, Jul 24 2014
  • Windows/Phone 8.1: Watch for MRT When Naming/Structuring Your XAML Files

    I spent a bit of time today debugging a scenario which turned out to be really simple but had me foxed for a while and so I thought I’d share. To simplify what I was looking at, let’s make a new, blank Windows 8.1 XAML project; and, because I happen to have a little snippet available for it, let’s put a smiley face piece of XAML onto the MainPage.xaml
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Tue, Jul 22 2014
  • Windows 8.1 Update: Brokered WinRT Components

    Back in 2012 when I first got involved in talking to developers and architects about Windows 8 in the UK, one of the things that I heard consistently was feedback of the form; “Yes, I like the look of that new UI, I can see where you’re going with touch but what I’d really like to do is have one of those new apps interact with desktop software that
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Tue, Jul 22 2014
  • Windows Store: App Update Certified in 41 minutes?

    I stayed up late last night doing a few bug fixes on one of my Windows 8.1 Store applications. I dropped the application package into the Store this morning for certification. I got an email from the Store; That was 09:59. By 10:40, the app had passed certification; So that’s around 41 minutes to go through the certification process – very nice to see
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Tue, Jul 15 2014
  • Windows 8.1 Apps –Can’t Open a Shortcut (.lnk) File?

    Sometimes the boundaries of secure, sand-boxed app development can be a bit tricky to deal with. I’ve just spent a few minutes thinking about shortcut files for Windows 8.1 applications. Specifically, if an app wants to open up a shortcut file, it can pop up a file dialog; FileOpenPicker picker = new FileOpenPicker(); picker.FileTypeFilter.Add("
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Tue, Jul 15 2014
  • Playing with WinJS as a cross-platform UI layer?

    Just a bit of an experiment for me really but since the WinJS library got open-sourced (go here to take a look at that) I’ve been thinking a bit about how it opens up the WinJS library to be used in different places. I’ve been wanted to experiment with that for a while and so I dusted off the old code that I’ve got for doing flickR searches (from this
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Fri, Jul 11 2014
  • Windows/Phone 8.1, Prism Universal Early Drop, Migrating a Demo to be Universal

    Combining a couple of blog posts, I thought I’d take the demo that I showed in the video on this post; Windows 8.1 Apps- Updated Prism for Windows Runtime Session and apply the pre-release bits that were in this post; Phone 8.1- Prism for the Windows Runtime (Universal) and see how I can put together that 2-page “Contacts” app; in a Universal way. To
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Wed, Jul 9 2014
  • Windows/Phone 8.1: Prism for the Windows Runtime (Universal)

    An early drop of the Prism framework for Windows Runtime apps that supports “Universal” apps has gone onto the CodePlex site as flagged by Blaine on his blog last week . I’ve talked about Prism for WinRT a few times (the last screencast video being only a few blog posts ago here ) and I’m very keen to see the start of “Universal” support so that a developer
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Tue, Jul 8 2014
  • Updated: UK Visual Studio & Windows/Phone/Xamarin Demo - “The Trilogy”

    I revisited the demo that I kicked off in this last post and added another video where I try and show how I can use shared projects to make the code that I was playing with available across Windows/Phone/Android. I thought that in the first video it seemed a bit disingenuous to keep saying “I can do this for Windows/Phone but I’d have to take different
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Wed, Jul 2 2014
  • UK Visual Studio/Xamarin Event in London: Captured Demo of Windows/Phone Shared Code

    I spent yesterday afternoon in London with a few hundred .NET developers at this Visual Studio/Xamarin event along with; Giles Davies from the UK Visual Studio team Steve Hall and Dave Hathaway and from Xamarin The Xamarin guys were there to provide an overview of their platform, tooling, services which they did a really good job of and my aim was to
    Posted to Mike Taulty's Blog (Weblog) by mtaulty on Fri, Jun 27 2014
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