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  • 400GB Drive coming from Hitachi

    Blimey, CNet news has a story that Hitachi is putting out a 400GB drive I put together a talk about WinFS a couple of months ago which I delivered twice. The first time it was fairly dire but, fortunately, it was to internal people whereas the 2nd time around...
  • WS-I Web Services Security Interop Guidelines

    I noticed that the WS-I has published a draft around interoperability for web services and security. Haven't read it at the time of writing this but from a quick glance it looks like a really good document to have an awareness of.
  • Adobe advertising PDF on TV

    Martin just prompted me to remember that I saw what struck me as a pretty bizarre TV advert here in the UK last night (in the middle of a fairly mainstream TV programme). It was a TV advert for Adobe's Portable Document Format presenting PDF as our friend in...
  • MSDN Show

    The new .NET Show on MSDN TV (link is here ) is on Indigo and is really watchable (both for the initial higher level discussion and then the programming model that gets some coverage in the "Enter the Programmer" piece). The "callback" mechanism (presumably...
  • XML Namespaces

    Dare Obasanjo has a nice post here on his blog about the pain that Developers feel with XML namespaces. I've got up a few times in front of rooms of developers to explain XML 1.0 plus Namespaces (not that I'm a world expert by any stretch of the imagination...
  • .NET Scorecard on InfoWorld

    There's some interesting stuff in this set of 3 articles (actually, the Scorecard is the interesting bit) over on InfoWorld. I cribbed the link off Don Box's blog so don't be surprised if it shows up in lots of other places as well - I don't usually read InfoWorld...
  • BizTalk Server 2004 on MSDN Download

    Just a quick note - BizTalk Server 2004 is available in MSDN Subscriber Downloads (you might want to make sure you've got a fast connection before you start downloading it).
  • Dell and Opteron?

    Sorry to be a mouth-piece for The Register today but, as always, chip stories interest me and I was a little bowled over by this one suggesting that Dell (of all Intel-buying people!) might be considering offering AMD Opteron boxes. I saw some Dell sales people...
  • IBM spending big $ on developers this year...

    according to this article over on The Register. I wonder what this will translate into in terms of things that people can see, touch and use?
  • Take-up of Macromedia's Central

    Cnet has an article on the slow take-up of Central from Macromedia. I find this stuff interesting because it seemed to me that Macromedia has a loyal, strong following amongst its developers and Central is their move to go from beyond just a plug-in for a Web...
  • Infernal Affairs

    Went to see the film Infernal Affairs on Saturday night and really enjoyed it - quite a stylish Cop thriller set in Hong Kong. Interesting to me primarily because it didn't take the Hollywood approach and just have lots of car chases, foot chases and shooting...
  • MSDN has an article on looking inside the user mode scheduler (UMS) of SQL

    Wow, I never thought I'd see an article like this up on MSDN - it's a pretty detailed and very interesting (in the usual tragic, geeky kind of way) discussion of some of the UMS scheduling activities that go on inside SQL Server. Ken Henderson's new book is...
  • Clemens Vasters on Services

    Clemens Vasters has a nice definition of services on his blog - here
  • WS-Eventing

    So, I had a major sit down with a lot of WS- specs quite a lot of months ago and I find them really hard to read. The first reason for that is that I tend to read documents on pieces of paper and WS- specs (if you print them by default) have a lot of boilerplate...
  • Now that really is pen-based computing!

    Interesting story here on the P-ISM prototype that NEC has - very interesting and I'm always fascinated whenever this keyboard technology from Canesta is on display.