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  • Installing Windows 8.1 on a Dell XPS 12 with UEFI and a GPT Disk

    I picked up a Dell XPS 12 yesterday and was momentarily stumped by trying to install Windows 8.1 onto it by booting from a USB key. I made a bootable USB key from the Windows 8.1 ISO image, stuck it into the side of the Dell, booted it and tried to get into...
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  • The Modern PC

    Quick caveat – these are just my thoughts, not some new terminology from Microsoft or some kind of review of Windows 8 or any specific device. I wrote a little once before about the idea of the ‘ contextual PC ’ – the idea that I can have a modern PC that adapts...
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  • HP8540W–Installing Windows 7 from USB Key (USB3?)

    I got an HP8540W laptop a couple of months ago and at the time I had a bit of fun and games installing it. The machine has a main drive in it (SSD) and a secondary bay that can take a DVD-drive or another hard-drive and I have another hard-drive in there. I...
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  • Lacie 2Big NAS–Recovering Data with Good Drives/Bad Device

    Today, my faithful Lacie 2Big NAS box which has served me reasonably well for a number of years had a bit of a problem. The box is a simple device which in my case has 2x500GB hard drives in it and runs them in a mirrored (RAID1) configuration so that if a...
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  • Windows Phone 7–Backup Location/Disk Space

    I just updated my Windows Phone 7 and I noticed that I lost quite a lot of disk space in the process as the phone backup hit my local machine. Just in case you're like me and hadn't quite planned for backing up your phone onto your hard drive (I'm...
  • Hardware Lineup 2011

    As we head into 2011, I’m running a whole bunch of kit with the main items being; Phone I’ve had the HTC Mozart running Windows Phone 7 for about 5-6 weeks now and I’m really loving it – mainly I’m using it as a phone (!) and I’m finding that performance, battery...
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  • Virtual Desktop 101

    I really liked Ian’s post “ Virtual Desktop 101 ” – there are tonnes of implications in all this desktop virtualisaton technology for the client developer (particularly the client developer who’s expecting a decent graphics card and that is likely to include...
  • WPF and Lenovo

    When I get a new laptop (or any PC) if it comes pre-loaded with software then I wipe it and start again as, generally, you can get stuck with what now seem to be called (cr)applets from someone who pre-installed the OS for you. When I got my OS up and running...
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  • PC Speakers

    I seem to be working my way down Cnet's review of PC speakers . In my office, I have these; which I've had for quite a long time and really like and I just got myself a set of these below to attach to the Media Center ( deliberately trying to avoid ending up...
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  • Shuttle D10 with Touch-Screen

    Hmm, speaking of Shuttle caused me to go looking at what they're currently selling. This looks really interesting to me . If you go with a "living room" Media Center then one of the odd things about it is the idea that you need to switch on your TV in order...
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  • GeForce 6200 in my Vista Sp1 Media Center

    One of the very best things about Vista is Media Center. You never really hear people talk about Media Center when they talk about Vista but Media Center is one app that I can easily put hand on heart and say that, for me, in Vista it's 100% better than it...
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  • Vista Complete PC Restore, 0x80042401, DiskPart, WbAdmin

    I picked up a new laptop, a Lenovo T61P to go alongside ( or, more likely replace depending on the "powers that be" ) my existing HP NC8430. I wanted to kick start the process of moving from one machine to the other or of running the two in tandem by imaging...
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  • Dell Hybrid

    Dell's got a (reasonably) nice looking little machine that might make a nice Media Center. I run ( Vista ) Media Center under my TV on a Shuttle box ( search the blog for Shuttle you'll find the specs ) every day and it works extremely well. For me, Media Center...
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  • Fire :-)

    Following on from this I've had a couple of incidents now where I've closed the lid on my laptop ( which is set to Sleep when I close the lid ). I've then dropped it into my bag only to find ( say ) 20 minutes later that there's a lot of heat coming from the...
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  • LinkSys USB200M

    My media center PC has a problem. It's a Shuttle PC, I've blogged the specs on this website before but I think the base spec is SN85G4V2 if I remember correctly. It's all fine and Media Center works better with Vista than it did with XP for me so that's a good...
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