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“Expression Blend for Silverlight Developers” (DevDays, Holland)


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I did a fun talk on Expression Blend at the recent DevDays conference at the Hague in Holland.

The basic idea of this talk was to (as much as possible in 75 minutes) take Expression Blend from scratch through to putting something together that involved things like;

  • layout, resources, styles, data-binding, sample data, behaviors/actions/triggers, visual states and animations, control templating, fluid layout, fluid movement

The recording of the talk is now on Channel9 – I’ve embedded the video here;

but unless your bandwidth is good enough you might want to download a higher definition video to watch offline as we spend quite a lot of time in Blend and it’s an environment that demands high resolution so a blurry video won’t help at all. Here’s the page for the download;

There are not really any slides in this talk, it’s just done inside of Blend and there are 3 main sections in case you want to jump around;

  • 4min 25s: Basic lap around the environment
  • 25min: Digging in to a few areas like styles, resources, etc.
  • 48min 20s: Demo putting together what we’ve learnt to build a “shopping cart” style UI

As an aside, I put together a lot of blog posts in this area so if you want to dig in and read some more then try;

and don’t forget the “learn Blend in 5 days” materials that you can jump to by clicking on the big banner image below;


Enjoy Smile

Update 10th May 2011 – a number of people asked me for the code for the library that I use in the latter part of the session in order to build up a little UI with some data and some commands and so on.

Here’s that library for download (including source)

A quick word about that library – it contains a bunch of product descriptions, images and so on that I load from an XML file. To give credit, I borrowed these images and most of the XML metadata from the “Silverlight Store” sample that you can find on the Silverlight.net site. I needed some data in a hurry and this seemed like a good way to get some re-use rather than to have to start from scratch.

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Pawel wrote re: “Expression Blend for Silverlight Developers” (DevDays, Holland)
on Fri, May 6 2011 11:21 PM

Great stuff.


JKears wrote re: “Expression Blend for Silverlight Developers” (DevDays, Holland)
on Sun, May 8 2011 6:50 PM

Mike you are an excellent presenter. I recall you a while back where you mentioned that you were concerned about the speed of your presentation, I believe you were thinking it was too slow, anyway, in this presentation I found it to be the perfect speed.  I will beed to re-run it a few times but, man you did an amazing job of chucking in all the bits of Blend that will help both the beginer as well as folks like me that have had exposure to Blend but not every day users of the tool.

Thank you for your wonderful presentations, I highly recommend this video to anyone interested in Blend!

Great stuff !