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How Modern is Modern?


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In the light of the recent release of the RC for IE9 ( grab a download and try it out here ), Mozilla evangelist Paul Rouget picks a fight with IE9 over it not being a “modern browser”.

My colleague at our Redmond based mother-ship, Tim Sneath takes up the challenge.

I can see this one running into extra-time and beyond…

Posted Wed, Feb 16 2011 9:33 AM by mtaulty
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Tony Johnson wrote re: How Modern is Modern?
on Wed, Feb 16 2011 2:33 PM

If there is one thing that tarnishes a vendors reputation, its the vendor slating competing products. It just reeks of sour grapes - rather than Mozilla trying to shout from the rooftops about what they perceive to be flaws in IE9, why don't they just concentrate on singing the praises of what their own offering brings to the table - that's what professional companies do - the strength of your own product should let that product stand on it's own without having to resort to tactics that come across as petty and bitter.

Olivier wrote re: How Modern is Modern?
on Mon, Feb 21 2011 3:34 AM

not being "modern" is just what you can say when you have nothing to say. In fact it is really the same because it means nothing...

How is it possible to measure the "modernity" of a browser ? which tools are used ?

I even thing that the one who'll be able to create a "application modernity tester" will be very rich !

Simply stupid, of course. As any attack to a competitor that only shows how you feel bad when you look at their new product...

So there is no machine to test the "modernity" of an application, but there are tools of the mind allowing to see how bad a competitor is feeling when he uses this kind of attack !

rondarz wrote re: How Modern is Modern?
on Sat, Apr 16 2011 1:10 PM

You're drinking the kool-aid again, guys.

While IE9 may have pulled up ahead in HTML5 support, it's still lagging behind in most of the bread and butter stuff: Javascript support, web debugging tools, speed and UX responsiveness.