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  • Various Links

    I've been catching up on my blog reading...interesting stuff I came across; PNRP in Windows 7 being used for "remote assistance" . Sounds very cool. You can find a few PNRP examples on this blog if you search. Seadragon in AJAX from Live Labs - if you've seen...
  • Silverlight: Design-Time Extensibility

    Just a link but what a link! If you're interested in design-time extensibility for Silverlight controls then; this post is what you want.
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  • WPF: Experiment with Text Animation

    I wanted to experiment with text animation. Specifically, I wanted a control that would display some text and have the option of "exploding" that text in the sense of taking each word in the text and randomly animating it in terms of; translation rotation scale...
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  • Visual Studio 2010 Resources

    This post is a companion to a little article that I wrote for the UK MSDN Flash about Visual Studio 2010 with some resources to get you kick-started. It's not meant to be definitive. What? You don't read the MSDN Flash? Sign up . The first thing I'd say is...
  • Xbox 360: New Xbox Experience Today

    I'm not a big gamer. I hadn't turned my Xbox on for about 3 months before I recently bought Far Cry 2 which I'm playing through and really enjoying. I'm also thinking of Mirror's Edge as I played a preview of that and it looks really cool. However...today is...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 7 (of 7 :-))

    Following on from the previous post I had one last thing that I wanted to do. At the moment, when my application moves from one feed item to another, it simply hides the UI displaying the feed item and then shows it again at a later point which is a bit "dull...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 6

    Following on from this previous post there's a few things wrong with where I've got to so far and some improvements that I'd like to make; I'd like to display something when there's no new feed items available. I'd like some kind of transition when one feed...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 5

    Following on from the previous post I wanted to take the UI that I have so far; and attempt to style that ListBox over on the right hand side. The first thing I'd do with it is to remove its background; which stops it being a big white area of the screen. Then...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 4

    Following up on this post it's time to make the thing look a little bit better than it does right now. Some of this will be purely cosmetic, some of it will end up requiring some code changes. In the first instance, I'll go for some "cheap wins". I'll open...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 3

    Following on from my previous post , I wanted to create a WPF UI around what I'd done so far. I'll step through this one a little bit. Making a new project; adding a reference to my library for using twitter feeds; now I want my WPF Window to maximise itself...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 2

    Following on from the previous post , to get this work started I wanted to build a little library that supported what I wanted to do with the Twitter API. There's probably already a .NET library out there but I didn't search for it and my needs were fairly...
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  • WPF and "Twistori": Part 1

    I don't really use Twitter but I'm surrounded by folks that do and I'm more and more aware of its impact as if you turn up to any kind of event or gathering these days then you'll know that someone will come along and say whether it's being reported well/badly...
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  • Windows 7: Starting at the Beginning

    My previous post around the location and sensor platform in Windows 7 came a little bit out of context so apologies for that although I have since watched the PDC session and it's well worth watching. However...if you want to start at the beginning with Windows...
  • Windows 7: Sensor and Location Platform

    One part of Windows 7 is the new capability for applications to be location and sensor aware. There are new standardised API's for an application to interact with location sensors in order to figure out where in the world the user is and there's also API's...
  • A Tour of WPF

    Back in 2005/2006 I spent quite a lot of time going around introducing WPF at various conferences and user groups and companies and I haven't really done so much of that "introduction" type work since. I've done a bunch of stuff with WPF and a bunch of talks...
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