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  • Surprised by WPF DataGrid :-)

    Here's what I did. I took the WPF DataGrid and used it in my project. More specifically; Then add a reference to the DataGrid's assembly ( I have mine in d:\wpftoolkit\ ); Then "built a UI" which is an overstatement :-) < Window x:Class ="BlogPost.Window1...
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  • PC Speakers

    I seem to be working my way down Cnet's review of PC speakers . In my office, I have these; which I've had for quite a long time and really like and I just got myself a set of these below to attach to the Media Center ( deliberately trying to avoid ending up...
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  • 10

    There's a video up on C9 ( largely around Team System ) which announces that the next version of Visual Studio will be 2010 and the next version of the Framework will be V4.0. They can't decide whether to pronounce this; "Two thousand and ten" or "Twenty Ten...
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  • Silverlight 2 RC Available

    From ScottGu - key thing here is that there are Beta 2->RTM breaking changes so if you have applications on Silverlight 2 Beta 2 then you need to see about moving them over to the RC in order that they'll run when we get to RTM. Also noted - new controls...
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  • Shuttle D10 with Touch-Screen

    Hmm, speaking of Shuttle caused me to go looking at what they're currently selling. This looks really interesting to me . If you go with a "living room" Media Center then one of the odd things about it is the idea that you need to switch on your TV in order...
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  • GeForce 6200 in my Vista Sp1 Media Center

    One of the very best things about Vista is Media Center. You never really hear people talk about Media Center when they talk about Vista but Media Center is one app that I can easily put hand on heart and say that, for me, in Vista it's 100% better than it...
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  • PDC 2008 - Windows 7 Sessions Published

    Having just built my sketchy list of the sessions I'm interested in at PDC here the game just changed a little in that there are now 17 sessions on Windows 7 rather than the 3-5 that there were announced before. Time for a re-think to my agenda I suspect. So...
  • WPF 3.5 Sp1 - Now I'm Trying to Write Pixel Shaders :-S

    I've been quite content up until today to say "I can't write Pixel Shaders" and "I don't know what High Level Shader Language" is. But I thought I'd have a crack at it. Turns out, it just looks like C whereas I expected it to look like assembly. I read a bit...
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  • WPF V3.5 Sp1 and Effects - A Bit of an Embarrassing Gaffe

    Update ( 30/09/08 ) : I had this wrong at least twice. I've tried to fix it now. When it comes to WPF V3.5 Sp1, I've been showing people a lump of XAML to demonstrate the improvements in effects rendering and I think I've just realised today that I've been...
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  • ASP.NET 3.5 Sp1 Dynamic Data

    There's lots of stuff written around dynamic data elsewhere so I won't duplicate it here. I did a little bit of experimentation with it today rather than just watch Mike walk me through it. My first surprise in springing up dynamic data was this dialog; It...
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  • WPF Effects & Shaders

    Just blogging this link to Adam Kinney's blog which has some great resources about effects/shaders in WPF V3.5 Sp1. I've had this link open in my browser for 3 days so I need a place to park it permanently so I don't lose it; http://adamkinney.com/blog/365...
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  • The Strange Case of the RouteValueDictionary

    In playing with ASP.NET routing, I came across this really weird piece of code in a class called RouteValueDictionary which I can reproduce here; RouteValueDictionary dictionary = new RouteValueDictionary( new { key1 = "value1" , key2 = "value2" , key3 = "value3...
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  • Enjoying ASP.NET 3.5 Sp1 Routing

    I'm not a web developer. Anyone that knows me knows this. I'm bad with ASP.NET Web Forms these days in that I understood it when it shipped back in 2002 and I've kind of lost track of it in the meantime although I can talk about it at "some level". I think...
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  • 5 Weeks to PDC 2008

    PDC draws nearer and nearer. I have my plane, I have my registration, I'm good to go. The latest countdown video hosted up; here gives some more information as to what's coming and themes this PDC it being the "Software + Services" PDC. One of the challenges...
  • REMIX UK Follow Up - "Beyond Silverlight with WPF"

    Just in case someone lands here looking for resources from my REMIX UK talk last week (the WPF talk rather than the Silverlight talk ). There's some links here; Windows Presentation Foundation, Event Samples
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