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  • New Bits at Windows Live

    I'd missed this announcement over at Windows Live - it's quite a long one but the interesting bits for me were; New Windows Live Messenger API. This is a Javascript library rather than (say) a .NET library but it allows you to build Messenger capabilities straight...
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  • UK MSDN Roadshow - April and May. Cardiff, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow.

    The registration site for the UK MSDN Developer Roadshows is now open. You can find the web site here; http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-gb/bb905504.aspx?id=328 although it had a few broken hyperlinks when I visited it but the actual registration links seemed to...
  • Fancy a Job?

    Our ( UK, Microsoft ) team has an opening. You can read the job description up here; http://members.microsoft.com/careers/international/default.aspx?loc=UKD&lang=EN&job=90281478&newapp=0 Essentially, you'd be an addition to the 3 of us below; That...
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  • ScottGu on Silverlight 2

    Out comes some more Silverlight 2 info; http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2008/02/22/first-look-at-silverlight-2.aspx this is a tutorial over quite a few pages but it's well worth a read. If you've spent time reading Petzold, Sells/Griffiths, Nathan and...
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  • Lacie 2Big Network 1TB NAS

    Following up on this , I went and bought one of these Lacie 2Big 1TB NAS boxes. So far, so "ok" :-) It's a reasonably nice looking box and feels well made. Setup is pretty easy although switching it from "one big disk" to "two mirrored disks" took an awfully...
  • LINQ to XSD is Back :-)

    A new version of the LINQ to XSD preview that works with Visual Studio 2008. Get the details from here . If you're not so sure on what LINQ to XSD is all about it's essentially for the people who see some LINQ to XML code and say; "But how come the LINQ to...
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  • Vista Sp1 on MSDN

    Mike has it over here; http://blogs.msdn.com/mikeormond/archive/2008/02/18/vista-sp1-on-msdn-subscriber-downloads.aspx Makes perfect sense to me - if we have the Vista Sp1 bits kicking around then we should make them available ASAP. I installed Sp1 yesterday...
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  • Upcoming Enhancements to .NET 3.5 Client Framework

    In case you didn't see it already, ScottGu has a post about updates coming to the .NET Framework V3.5 for people building client applications; http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2008/02/19/net-3-5-client-product-roadmap.aspx For me I was quite excited about;...
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  • Simple Process Launching Service

    Just sharing a piece of code. I'm sure this isn't quite perfect but someone wanted a Windows Service which would run up some processes with the option to restart them if they exited. I think the Windows Task Scheduler will do some of this but I don't think...
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  • Configuration Section Designer

    I picked this up from Dominick's post the other week but I'd not tried it myself until today. I wanted to create my own little config file section that looks something like this; < processLauncherConfig xmlns ="urn:my-config" > < processes > <...
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  • RacAgent burning CPU on Vista

    This morning, I had the RacAgent (reliability agent) burning CPU for about 30+ minutes. Killed it once or twice and it came back and ran away with the CPU again. I followed the posting up here; http://guy.dotnet-expertise.com/PermaLink,guid,e7b62d65-9567-408f...
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  • Mike's ADO.NET Entity Framework Mapping Table

    One of the things that's been really bothering me for quite a while now is the aspect of mapping in the Entity Framework. Technical things can trouble me. I like to get them into my head, understood and then I can move on. I have a very, very bad memory and...
  • VBX and the DLR

    Ok, so I admit to being a bit dumb but even in jet-lagged mode a penny suddenly dropped for me today when I saw a small demo around VBX and the DLR. I hadn't really appreciated how easy it might be to host the DLR, hand it some scriptable objects and then ask...
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  • Workflow Questions

    Are you a workflow guru? To be honest, I'd be suspicious of anyone going around describing themselves as a "guru" but I did manage to string some sort of answers to the questions being asked here.
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  • Download that .NET Source Code

    Via Guy, how to pro-actively download some .NET source code for your debugging sessions .
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