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And only yesterday, MikeO were still calling it V1.1 at our Silverlight event in Birmingham.

Get the news from ScottGu! If I read it correctly;

  • Extensible control model
  • Layout support (hopefully that's extensible too :-))
  • Data binding
  • Control templating
  • Actual Shipping Controls - see Scott's list :-)
  • Various comms options beyond what we have today with JSON-only encoding including WS-*.

and more. There's a beta coming in Q1 of 2008 with a Go-Live license - wahey and Visual Studio will get an update too for Silverlight dev.

Scott's post also says that the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions are coming next week including the MVC bits and the Dynamic Data bits.

Posted Thu, Nov 29 2007 9:30 AM by mtaulty


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