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  • LINQ (to XML) and Dictionaries

    Someone asked me today about how to go from a piece of XML which contained key/value pairs to a Dictionary<K,V>. This was the best I could come up with; Dim xml = <items> <item key= "one" value= "A" /> <item key= "two" value= "B" />...
  • LINQ to XML and IXPathNavigable

    Something I've been pondering. Living over in System.Xml.XPath is an extension method to XNode (from LINQ to XML) called CreateNavigator . So, given something like an XElement ; XElement x = new XElement( "foo" ); I can go ahead and get an XPathNavigator from...
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  • Parallel Extensions

    Yet more news! The parallel extensions for .NET Framework V3.5 now have a Community Tech Preview. You can find the download here to try and Daniel has been busy making videos on this already over here with some notes over here . I've not read up on this particularly...
  • Silverlight V2.0

    And only yesterday, MikeO were still calling it V1.1 at our Silverlight event in Birmingham. Get the news from ScottGu ! If I read it correctly; Extensible control model Layout support (hopefully that's extensible too :-)) Data binding Control templating Actual...
  • Expression Encoder, Silverlight, Windows Live Writer

    I've just tried for the first time the killer combination of; Expression Encoder The plug-in for Expression Encoder that lets you encode a video and publish it directly to Silverlight Streaming The plug-in for Windows Live Writer that lets you automatically...
  • Finally, the truth is out

    Martin sent me this . I guess it's probably "old" by now but I liked it.
  • Free Silverlight Training at Lynda.com

    There's 4.5 hours of free Silverlight training up at Lynda.com. Go here for the materials, the topic list looks pretty comprehensive to me; 1. Understanding Silverlight 2. Discovering Silverlight Experiences 3. Silverlight Tools: Expression and Visual Studio...
  • 3D Desktop Management

    Quite a while ago I played with a bit of free software called Yodm3D which provided a 3D virtual desktop manager for Windows and worked on Vista. This is being turned into a commercial product called DeskSpace and I've just installed and tried their trial version...
  • Singularity

    I found this research site fascinating although I'm currently struggling to read the whitepaper because the PDF reader keeps crashing on me :-(
  • UK Visual Studio 2008 Resources

    An internal MS person today asked the perfectly reasonable question of "Where can I find some resources on Visual Studio 2008?". I know that we've done quite a lot of "stuff" in the UK team and Daniel's recent post is a good place to start . Beyond that, I...
  • LINQ and DML

    One of the things that I've heard quite a few times (and I heard it again yesterday) is "how come LINQ doesn't define DML?". This is an interesting one for me. Across data sources we have the pretty consistent query expression pattern. from a in b join c in...
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  • Visual Studio 2008 on MSDN

    Ok, so I'm hardly going to break the news here that Visual Studio 2008 is now available for MSDN subscriber downloads. Also, SQL Server 2008 November CTP is now available for download . However, one thing I'd add to all the (very understandable!!) excitement...
  • Interactive web pages

    I liked this advert (yep, weird thing to say isn't it :-)) that I saw on MSN this morning for "Pirates of the Caribbean"; There's 2 bits of embedded content and the bottom right ship is firing a cannonball towards the ship at the top left. Certainly attracted...
  • Links

    Couple of blog-posts that I came across; Behaviour of variables in LINQ to Entities and, unrelated, but very cool if you've used Expression Encoder and zipped the files yourself for Silverlight Streaming; Silverlight Streaming Plug-In for Expression Encoder
  • Silverlight Talk in Manchester

    Thanks to all the people who came along to our Silverlight talk in Manchester today and a special thanks to putting up with the 3, yes 3, projectors that we had to work our way through before finding a satisfactory solution. I can promise you, we did try and...
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