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  • PowerShell (again)

    I'm having another go at moving to PowerShell. Quite a few months ago, I decided it was time to become a bit more modern and switch to PowerShell but I haven't really done it and, a few months on, I'm still running cmd.exe. There's some irony in my resisting...
  • "All Things Digital"

    I'm hopeful that some interesting videos will pop up here http://video.allthingsd.com/ today especially if there's that shared "Gates & Jobs" discussion - you'd assume that this would be good stuff?
  • DeveloperDay 5 - Agenda and Registration

    The agenda for the 5th Developer (DDD!) day which happens on the 30th June at Microsoft in Reading is up at; http://www.developerday.co.uk/ddd/agendaddd5lineup.asp and the registration page is open up at; http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID...
  • Sandboxing the browser

    I spotted this story on The Register about Google purchasing GreenBorder. I'd never heard of them before but this idea around the "sandboxed" web browsing experience has been kicking around in my head for a while - interesting stuff :-)
  • Links

    Couple of interesting posts; Partial Methods I spent quite some time thinking about the difference here between the existing things such as; [Conditional] attribute add { } remove {} options for events DependencyProperties Not 100% sure that I "get" this yet...
  • WF in Fx3.5 Beta 1 - Send/Receive Activities and MSMQ

    I wrote some bits previously about the new Send/Receive Activities that build WCF support directly into Workflow Foundation for Framework V3.5. Imagine a scenario where we've got; Client calls into "a Workflow" hosted over WCF (ReceiveActivity). Note: What...
  • Viewing XPS in Silverlight

    Amazing post over here; http://blogs.msdn.com/delay/archive/2007/05/22/lighting-up-the-xml-paper-specification-proof-of-concept-xps-reader-for-silverlight.aspx It's important to realise that there is no support in Silverlight for what this sample is doing but...
  • First play with the Silverlight Reflector Plug-In

    Just downloaded the Silverlight Reflector plug-in . That's a really neat bit of kit, I pointed at my video puzzle and, straight away, I got; i.e. I got straight away; HTML Javascript Disassembled C# code. Fantastic :-)
  • Blog Round-Up

    I've been offline for a little while so I did a bit of blog catching up yesterday and this is the set of links that I came across; Examples of using LINQ to SQL with WCF The Silverlight plug-in for Reflector Dave Relyea's Layout Controls for Silverlight
  • Drobo

    Via Phil , this looks like the storage box I've been waiting for (all they need now is one that takes 8 disks and/or the ability to chain them together - maybe they already have that as they seem to have everything else :-)).
  • Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP)

    I spent a small amount of time with PNRP when support for it came out in Vista (it was in XP since SP1 in a different form but Vista seemed to bring p2p to the forefront a bit with applications like "Meeting Space"). I'm revisiting it because there are managed...
  • Second Steps with ADO.NET Synchronisation Services

    Following up on this post where I just got started with Sync Services , if I want to do more than just an occasional snapshot of data from server to client then I need to do a bit more work. If I want to do incremental downloads of data from my server to my...
  • First Steps with ADO.NET Synchronisation Services

    I've had a first attempt at playing with the new ADO.NET synchronisation services this weekend so I thought I'd share here. ADO.NET Synchronisation Services is a technology for helping with those online/offline applications where you need to get data down to...
  • ReadyBoost and Media Center - Stuttering Video :-(

    My Media Center machine (running Vista) is a little old but it's been holding up pretty well. I only use this box for Media Center as it sits under the TV. The graphics card is old (Fx5200), the processor is old (Athlon 2800+ IIRC) and I guess the bus speeds...
  • SqlCeEngine Looks To Need 32-Bit Code

    I'm working offline at the moment as I've moved house and my ADSL hasn't been transferred to my new house. This is proving to be a real pain in that I've got very used to searching for answers to problems rather than having to think about them :-) I'm taking...
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