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First 64-bit Gremlin - Finding the Mail Applet in 64-bit Vista in the Control Panel


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I was trying to set up a separate email profile for use in demos and I was really struggling on Vista 64-bit.

In the control panel, the familiar "email accounts" applet simply isn't there.


As you can see - there is no mail betwen Keyboard and Mouse :-(

So, I go and use search within the control panel and I type in "Mail" and I don't find anything at all.

This foxed me for a few minutes until I came upon;

And within there is the familar Mail applet;

I think it's a bit bad really that Search didn't find this for me :-( Hopefully if you're stuck in the same place sometime you'll find this post and that's at least a bit of help.

Posted Fri, Mar 23 2007 3:25 AM by mtaulty