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It looks like UAC in Vista is coming under more and more scrutiny.

I've seen a lot of links to this post which is technically interesting but doesn't really seem to alter how I was thinking about UAC (i.e. it's an explanation of what I thought I already knew).

However, I found this post more interesting and the bit that really made me think was about the part that talks about the binary decision taken for installation programs between "Run as Admin/Don't Run" on Vista versus the slightly more granular option you might have had on XP, i.e. "Run as non-admin even if it fails/Run as Admin/Don't Run".

Security's not something that I'd ever say that I focus on but neither would I say that I ignore it and that second post really made me think and hence me highlighting it here.

Posted Wed, Feb 14 2007 4:30 PM by mtaulty