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  • Media Center 2005 Update

    I finally finished my Media Center 2005 machine today. I've posted about this before but I've been waiting for a long time to get hold of a TV card. The final specs of my machine are as below; AMD Athlon 64 - the 2800+ in particular. I tried to keep the "spec"...
  • BizTalk Server Roadmap

    Scott Woodgate has posted a link across to the BizTalk Server roadmap document showing where the product is heading for 2006 and beyond.
  • Halo 2

    I've been playing Halo 2 on the Xbox a little and I managed to finish the single player game a while ago - great game, very cinematic in places (although that could be reflection that a lot of big budget films are starting to feel more like "games"...
  • IT Jobswatch

    I got feedback on my website which pointed me over to this IT Jobswatch web site which tracks job opportunities across different technologies and is really interesting. The site says that it tracks jobs for around 1500 IT skill across about 2000 regions - the...
  • ASus Barebones

    New Asus barebones system looks neat
  • The death of the LinkSys WGA54G

    I've managed to replace the dreaded LinkSys WGA54G wireless adapter with a US Robotics wireless adapter model 5430. So far, so good. I've managed to re-instate 54Mbps working on my network and I've managed to reinstate a mixed WEP/WPA mode of working (I've...
  • MSN Toolbar Beta

    I downloaded the beta of the MSN Toolbar Suite today. At the moment I've only tried the desktop search feature but it seems to work very well. The initial indexing process (across the entire hard drive and my email) took quite a while but, having completed...
  • Craig Andera on XML Serialization

    Interesting post from Craig Andera on how you can get the XML serializer to represent different data types when you don't know at build time what you're actually going to be returning. It feels a little bit like this to me; typedef struct tagVARIANT VARIANT;...
  • Putting Code on TV?

    This new idea of televising development is really "interesting". I'll leave it to you to decide whether that's "interesting" meaning "good" or "interesting" meaning "weird" ;-)
  • Suggestions...

    Blimey, just typed a whole bunch of seemingly random phrases into Google Suggest and got seemingly cool results from it. Pink Cadillac Web Services Ford Fiesta The Day After Tomorrow There's a FAQ here on how it works.
  • The .netcpu

    Very interesting stuff http://www.dotnetcpu.com/ Picked it up from this article and from Slashdot who've been mentioning it too.
  • Demos from Web Developer Day at Microsoft, Reading

    I did a session today around using web services in order to extend functionality of an existing ASP.NET Web Application. In doing so, I took the excellent FotoVision sample in VB.NET and extended it to add some additional web services capabilities. Now, FotoVision...
  • Pass-Phrasing

    Great post on using pass- phrases rather than pass- words to log in to your PCs. I used to use lines of songs as my passwords a long time ago, mostly because I remembered them better than anything else. I think I'll go back to it (with a mixture of lower, upper...
  • PDC 2005

    This is probably a little bit "old" by now but the date of the Professional Developer's Conference for 2005 has been posted and you can find the details here http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc It's very early days yet but at least that means that...
  • SQL Server Integration Servies

    I was lucky today to get to sit through an introduction to SQL Server Integration Services by Donald Farmer which was a really good session. You might have heard that Integration Services is the new name for what used to be called Data Transformation Services...
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