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  • AddMemoryPressure in .NET 2.0 CLR

    Interesting mini-post on how you can hint the CLR in .NET 2.0 when you have a small managed object holding on to a large unmanaged object.
  • British Telecom & Business Processes

    I got my phone bill from British Telecom last week and I hadn't yet got around to writing a cheque for it and posting it back to them. You'd imagine that their business processes cope with this - people go away on holiday and so on and don't always pay a bill...
  • WSE2.0 Sp2 Pre-Release

    Woops - I missed the fact that a WSE 2.0 Sp2 pre-release download is available. Check out the link here
  • Wikinews

    I hadn't seen this before - the concept of a Wiki is being applied to news journalism - have a look at Wikinews
  • PowerPoint Remote Control over Bluetooth Again

    I'm feeling a bit guilty because Morgan re-worked this code for remote control from SmartPhone over Bluetooth for me to make it so that it can remote control any application (my version just did PowerPoint) and I haven't had a chance to rebuild his code and...
  • Presentation Library?

    I've been thinking about slide-decks and demos. I spend a lot of time putting together talks to deliver at various events. In doing that I tend to steal bits and pieces of slideware and demos from other places but, ultimately, I always feel like I have to put...
  • VBUG Coventry & SQL Server 2005

    I did a talk for VBUG this evening in Coventry around SQL Server 2005 for developers which was a lot of fun. It was hosted at the Coventry Flying Club which turned out to be a fine venue for a talk like this. We had around 40 or so people and they seemed pretty...
  • On BlogStats

    I've been looking at my blog stats today. This is the graph below of activity for this calendar year; I've no real idea as to whether these are accurate or not - this is what my blog hoster reports and, from time to time I go and look at them. I find it fascinating...
  • WSE and Service Broker?

    I wonder whether anyone has written a transport for WSE messages over SQL Server Service Broker? Seems like an obvious sample although framework versions might cause a headache as you can't expect WSE to work on Whidbey right now. I can't find a sample by searching...
  • Media Player

    I'd like the song rating system in Media Player to allow 6 star-songs :-)
  • IBM's new TPC-C figure

    Interesting article on the latest top entry in the TPC war. http://www.it-analysis.com/article.php?articleid=12417 The figures are over here http://www.tpc.org/tpcc/results/tpcc_perf_results.asp?resulttype=all - it is fairly staggering to see the previous best...
  • Follow up on WinFX Community Preview

    Following up on my post around the new WinFX Community Tech Preview for Avalon - I pulled this down (it's a 255MB download and it comes as an ISO image ready for burning to CD). I took a previous VPC that I have SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 and Visual Studio 2005...
  • Microsoft UK Post Events Site

    The most common question I hear at our Microsoft developer events in the UK is; Where can I get hold of your slide-decks after this session? Now, this is clearly terrible communication on our part but we keep on doing it so I thought that I'd post the link...
  • Avalon Community Technology Preview

    There's some new WinFX bits been posted up to the MSDN web site today for MSDN Subscribers to download. It's a "Community Technology Preview" and it includes an updated version of the Avalon presentation system targetted for Windows XP Service Pack...
  • Alienware Small Form Factor

    Alienware have launched a Small Form Factor PC. It looks remarkably similar to this PC from Shuttle to me in terms of its case design. Meanwhile, Shuttle's gone and launched the SB86i which looks really nice. The Alienware spec's pretty good tho with P4 support...
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