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  • Media Center 2005

    After my recent musings on a Media Center 2005 PC I've decided that I'd rather build one than buy one. The idea is to place this box near the TV so I needed it to be fairly small and fairly quiet. Here's what I've put together so far. It's working pretty well...
  • Domain Specific Designers

    So Visual Studio won't only come with great designers, there's work underway to let you build your own. See the press announcement here or go check out Gareth's blog if you want to be closer to the source.
  • Book a hotel room over at WTF

    This entry on WTF has to be seen to be believed.
  • Travelling by Segway

    There's a bunch of people over here who've given up their work in order to travel across the USA on Segway personal transporters :-) The end idea is to make this into some kind of documentary film - it looks like a fun project to me and what I particularly...
  • SQL Server 2005 Web Casts

    And following up all the other webcast series that are going around (ASP.NET 2.0, Windows Forms 2.0) here's a set on SQL Server 2005 which shouldn't be missed. http://msdn.microsoft.com/sql/2005webcasts
  • SQL Server 2005 and MARS

    There's a good article over here at MSDN on the Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) feature in SQL Server 2005 and ADO.NET 2.0. What I really liked in there was the section entitled "I Already Have MARS" which is written for the OLEDB programmer who...
  • MCE 2005 Dev and SDK

    I happened to come across the Media Center 2005 developer section on MSDN . I haven't looked at this at all before so it's nice to find that writing add-ins for MCE 2005 is done in .NET code and it looks like there's a nice object model for doing it.
  • Rebuilding Solutions with VS.NET 2003

    This KB article looks interesting to me - it seems to fix the problem you have in VS.NET 2003 where you rebuild the solution and the tool rebuilds everything for you even though nothing has changed. I haven't installed and tried it yet but will do - let me...
  • Windows Forms Webcasts

    Hot on the heels of the ASP.NET Webcast series comes a Windows Forms .NET webcast series.
  • Ahanix Home Theatre PC Cases

    I hadn't seen this range of Home Theatre PC cases before - the range that Ahanix has over here . Support ranges from Micro to full ATX motherboards. Some neat designs here.
  • Travel Advice "Foreign Office Style"

    This is off topic but for no particular reason I was taking a look on the UK Foreign Office web-site at the advice that they give to people planning trips abroad. I found it to be fascinating so I thought I'd share. Here's some examples; The USA You should...
  • .NET Developer Books

    Having just posted something about Fritz Onion's ASP.NET book I thought I'd blog about what books I have under my desk as a developer. I'm a major book fiend so have far too many around the house and typically try to read far too many at a time causing me often...
  • Fritz Onion on ASP.NET 2.0 and Asynchronous Web Pages

    Fritz Onion (who, in my view wrote the very best ASP.NET book for V1.0) has a great post here about doing asynchronous web pages in V2.0 of the framework. Go read it and see how easy it is - it's neat, it's concise and it's simple. The small test result grids...
  • NGEN and Cold PC Starts

    Interesting post over here http://blogs.msdn.com/ricom/archive/2004/10/18/244242.aspx on the debate as to whether you should be NGEN'ing your .NET applications or leaving the JIT compiler to JIT it for you and what effect this has on a PC that's just started...
  • Alienware Media Center PC's for the UK?

    I pointed out Alienware's new Media Center PC the other day and I was interested in it enough to chase up with them whether it's likely to make an appearance in the UK. From the response I've had it sounds like the Alienware guys don't have plans to release...
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