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  • Infernal Affairs

    Went to see the film Infernal Affairs on Saturday night and really enjoyed it - quite a stylish Cop thriller set in Hong Kong. Interesting to me primarily because it didn't take the Hollywood approach and just have lots of car chases, foot chases and shooting...
  • MSDN has an article on looking inside the user mode scheduler (UMS) of SQL

    Wow, I never thought I'd see an article like this up on MSDN - it's a pretty detailed and very interesting (in the usual tragic, geeky kind of way) discussion of some of the UMS scheduling activities that go on inside SQL Server. Ken Henderson's new book is...
  • Clemens Vasters on Services

    Clemens Vasters has a nice definition of services on his blog - here
  • WS-Eventing

    So, I had a major sit down with a lot of WS- specs quite a lot of months ago and I find them really hard to read. The first reason for that is that I tend to read documents on pieces of paper and WS- specs (if you print them by default) have a lot of boilerplate...
  • Now that really is pen-based computing!

    Interesting story here on the P-ISM prototype that NEC has - very interesting and I'm always fascinated whenever this keyboard technology from Canesta is on display.
  • Cringely on .NET

    So, it seems to me that the .NET platform is a great leap forward in terms of security. There are whole aspects of the platform (verifiably type-safe code, code access security, managed memory model etc) that aim to irradicate whole classes of security bugs...
  • Some Dev Resources

    I'm using my blog as a notepad here and blogging some great looking dev resources that I came across today; MSDN Architecture Strategy Series Relaunched MSDN Developer Security Webcast Week WS-Discovery on MSDN Lots of things to watch and read.
  • More on education

    to follow up on what I was saying yesterday about Universities I heard an interesting use of a phrase "train versus think" today applied to Computer Science teaching in Universities with the view being that companies would prefer students that had been trained...
  • Northface University

    I was browsing across Aaraon Skonnard's site doing a bit of XML web services research (Aaron, as always, had got there first - I've seen him talk quite a few times and read his books and he puts out really good information). Anyway, whilst I'm there I spotted...
  • Windows XP, Belkin, Wireless

    So, we've moved to a new house and one of my first priorities is to get myself fully ADSL connected and wireless enabled. It took around 3 weeks for British Telecom to get me my ADSL and I picked up my wireless router from work yesterday and I've been playing...
  • Quiet

    I'm quiet on the blogging front because I'm spending potential blogging time trying to write a blogging client for myself - that's a bit of a "chicken and egg" situation but there you go :-) However, I thought I'd stick my head above the parapet to blog a couple...
  • Test Entry

    Playing around with writing some Rss reading software and needed a new post to test it against to see if it can "remember" where it's up to in a particular news feed.
  • Burning DVD's with Nero 6

    So, I've been pursuing a support case with Ahead software over a bug I found in Nero 6 where the program just hangs with a busy cursor if you add an awful lot of files to it (but not more than would fit on a DVD). This is prior to the DVD burning itself, it...
  • Blogging down

    My copy of Newsgator has expired and this has had a serious impact on the amount of blogging I've been doing. I've also been moving house which has had a bit of an impact as well but less than the expiration of Newsgator which is interesting in itself. It just...
  • Updated my socket adapter sample for BizTalk 2004

    Provided an updated sample here - this one moves across to asynchronous work rather than synchronous work. Error handling isn't really beefed up very much though I'm afraid.
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