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  • Gadget Heaven

    CES Innovation winners - the Phillips wearable camera and the PlugLan look particularly cool.
  • Dual Monitors and Virtual PC

    I have 2 monitors on my desktop which will do 1280x1024 in terms of resolution and I'm doing quite a lot of work with Virtual PC. Now, in an ideal world I could full-screen one Virtual PC window on each of these monitors and I'd be able to work with 2 PCs at...
  • Itanium x86-64 Spoiler

    Interesting 'story of a story' over on The Register around the possibility of Intel putting out a 64-bit x86 chip and joining AMD rather than pushing Itanium for ever. Also interesting were the sales figures showing Opteron doing maybe 10,000 boxes a quarter...
  • SATA Performance

    I came across this interesting paper up at MSR this morning around building 'storage bricks' to potentially replace a SAN solution for hosting Terraserver. Very interesting read - I was playing with the perf of my own SATA Western Digital disks over the weekend...
  • Gadgets

    I've been reading gadget magazines flying backwards and forwards on planes recently and I picked up quite a few interesting little bits and pieces - maybe I'm starting to get into the Xmas spirit and I'm thinking of a wish list. Firstly I spotted this in T3...
  • PC Cooling again

    I'm back after a few days working away so I have a chance to see how the ArcticSilver Ceramique that I applied to my P4 has affected the temperature of the PC and, amazingly, it does seem to have made a big difference. The PC runs idle now at somewhere between...
  • Quiet PCs, Cooling and P4s

    I built a PC a little while ago and I've been struggling to keep it cool. I've got a P4 running at 2.8Ghz on an ASUS motherboard and I tried to pick a heatsink and fan from Zalman that would keep the thing cool along with a couple of case fans that have the...